A Blog Post About Blogging

Although this is going to be my twelfth blog post, I still consider myself very new to blogs, especially when it comes to running one. I’ve thought about the whole concept of people from all around the world posting things that they want to share with many others, whether its for a business or just for fun. Their thoughts, opinions, viewpoints,

Photo Adam Collins 2008 © (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

and any other type of ideas can be typed out into a blog format, to be shared with many other people. I think that individuals must have a lot of courage to put a part of themselves in every blog post, relating each one to the theme of their blog, then publishing it for people to read and even comment on. I’ve found that running a blog can surprisingly come with anxious moments, but also many assets, along with being quite enjoyable.


  • Sense of pride: For a person to run a blog, they have to possess some level of confidence in the work that they’ve put into creating it, and working on it to maintain their followers and the simple pleasure of writing blog posts. Along with that, bloggers are sharing a piece of their mind each time they publish a new blog post.
  • Connection to other people: I still find it quite amazing that people from anywhere in the world could potentially access your blog, and read your content. I think it is even more interesting to think about how there is a good chance you may never get to see them in your life, but that your creation brought the two of you together.
    Photo Internet marketing Secrets 2012 © (CC BY-NC 2.0)

    Also, these new international friends of yours must have similar interests as you do, which is something neither of you would have ever known, if it weren’t for your blog. Having a blog greatly connects you to other human beings across our globe.

  • Passion: Continually adding new content to one’s blog allows a person to learn more about themselves, especially their interests. This is because readers can sense when the writers of a blog aren’t giving a certain post their best, because it doesn’t flow as well as the others. In this way, the writers can test out different topics and themes for their blogs, to see which they are most passionate about, and which they are best at writing about. Through doing this, they can continue to post content that is fun for them to process and put into words, and will hopefully help them gain more followers, which then motivates them to continue sharing that passionate part of themselves.




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