Cookies Worth a Fortune

Photo mederndepe 2010 © (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

         A love for food is something that many of us have in common. No matter what kinds of foods you like to chow down on, you enjoy eating them because they satisfy your hunger or craving, while tasting delicious at the same time. Getting a little more specific, that is why I think fortune cookies are so wonderful. Not only are they edible, but you also receive a quote, piece of advise, or a few words that brighten up your day, inside of them. I find the idea of fortune cookies so very sweet (because they’re cookies) and thoughtful, containing little messages inside of them for every person. When eating out, I’ve payed attention to how people, when given a fortune cookie, seem more excited to open up their cookie and read the little note inside than they are to munch on the two tiny cookie pieces. In my opinion, there is a simple way of explaining their excitement over something so small, which is that they know the little piece of paper inside is going to make them giggle, or smile, or even reflect on their own lives. After a quick search, I learned that fortune cookies were invented around 1918, and are still commonly found in many Chinese restaurants today. Having been around

Photo Bennilover 2017 © (CC BY-ND 2.0)

for so long, new and unique phrases are continually made up to put inside the cookies, and continue to make consumers happy. As I’ve mentioned several times in other posts, the feeling of giving someone something that will help them get through their busy day, is completely worth it, knowing that you were a part of putting a smile on their face. Fortune cookies are a real hit because of their delightful taste, but also for how personal they can become when the “fortune” inside of them is read.


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