Photo Moyan Bren 2014 © (CC BY 2.0)

      Based on what I have learned and observed, there are numerous phrases and quotes that many people consider “cliche”. For example, quotes that are meant to encourage others to keep going, or seek their destiny. Other examples include sayings that supposedly show sentiment or depth to the person whom one is speaking it to. Additionally, there are phrases used in reference to certain morals and manners that should be considered. Combined, all of these statements are referred to as cheesy or “cliche,” and a lot of the time bring about eye rolls when heard.

Photo Thomas Hawk 2006 © (CC BY-NC 2.0)

    From some of my own thoughts and from what I’ve heard others say about these statements, I have conjured up some reasons about why people don’t find these sayings enriching anymore. First, and I believe the most obvious reason, is that they’ve simply heard it too many times in their lives. In books, newspaper articles, on signs, and in everyday speech, these expressions can be found because they are very common and seem to go round and round in people’s heads. Another reason why people may become irritated when hearing these statements would be that they are hearing them from the same people every time. Then, there are those sayings that seem just too optimistic for anyone to consider, that people tend to just let fly by without a second thought.

Photo urbanlatinfemale 2009 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

     Despite societal opinions on these sayings, I still find a lot of these phrases to have deep meanings, as long as the person speaking them says them with sincerity. To support this, I believe that these phrases were invented for a reason. The meanings of these lines can be found very significant if the person saying them genuinely wants their effects on the other person. Also, these phrases had to have been liked and used a lot, for them to now be considered “cliche.” Therefore, they were appreciated at one point. Finally, if one can draw a parallel between the definition of the quote to their own lives, they may find it more relatable and meaningful.

Photo FreddieBrown 2012 © (CC BY-NC 2.0)

      However, I know that these expressions are still usually avoided by the general public, both in writing and speech, because they are found not to be very appealing, and can sometimes even be used sarcastically. Many individuals think that these sayings are not unique enough and are redundant because they don’t strike them emotionally. A reason corresponding to this could possibly be that the meaning of these sayings are too obvious, vague, or even too out there for some.

Photo MartaZ* 2010 © (CC BY 2.0)

     In the end, I still feel as though these remarks are ways to spread positivity, and can definitely grow meaningful (again). If read a little bit deeper into, and taken seriously, many of these sayings can still be very inspiring. People can find light in the most random places, and these seemingly simple phrases could spark something in someone that wouldn’t have happened if they were excluded so often. Lastly, because everyone processes things differently, these statements can still be interpreted and explained in various ways that have not yet been thought of.


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