In Search of Gold

859e4aaf34d4718d89edc79183326ec1   This image could represent how a lot of times in life, we have an ultimate goal or prize that we want to attain, but it just seems too far away and impossible. But looking at this picture, if we just remain composed and follow that white line, a trail will reveal itself that will take us to that desired outcome over the distant hill. However, one could also become distracted by the trees or the scenery of the picture in general , which symbolizes that we do a lot of time lose track of what we were in search for in the first place. The road is invisible towards the center of the picture, because of its many ups and downs, and also due to the mass number of trees burying it; this stands for the fact that we often get lost on the way to success, because we become so caught up with the million things going on in life at once. In addition, this photo only depicts life from this one side of the mountain, and one can only imagine what gems lie on the other. This also relates to reality because our ambitions don’t always end up feeling or resulting like we expected them to in the beginning. It may have even more perks than we were ever expecting or can just deviate from our original thoughts entirely. But the beauty of it is, we won’t know until we get there, because the answers to our questions are limited from this viewpoint.


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